Classroom Guide


Main Entrance ـ Security  Discharge Unit ـ Information Acceptable Reception Unit ـ Terria ـ Pharmacy Image Imaging Unit (Radiology ـ CT ـ MRI) Sport Exercise Test ـ Laboratory ـ Laundry ـ Kitchen ـ CSR ـ Trauma ـ Physiotherapy & Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Clinic & Specialty: Different hospital clinics; sleep clinic ـ ERCP

Security; Ward; Emergency Reception Room; Triathlon; Physician Room; C.P.R Room; Outpatient Room; Emergency Room; Dialysis; Trauma

Pediatric and neonatal ward; NICU; IVF ward; obstetric ward; personnel restaurant; physicians rest; office ward; conference hall; library

Cardiac surgery rooms; CCU ward POST CCU ward; ICU OH ward Angiography rooms; Post coat ward (Angiography)

Operating rooms; gynecological surgery ward

Surgery Section 5

Surgery Section 5

Section 6 Internal

Section 7 VIP and helicopter landing pad for the emergency room are located on the upper floor of the hospital.