Neonatal ward

With about 360 square meters of infrastructure on the first floor of the hospital adjacent to the labor and delivery units. One of the unique features of this complex is the existence of separate neonatal, phototherapy and neonatal units, as well as adjacent units to the neonatal intensive care unit, It allows fast and uninterrupted transportation of critically ill babies without wasting time. Provincial top and most efficient physicians and specialists as well as the most motivated and experienced nurses in this complex. Provided with the best brands in the world, equipped with the most modern ventilator and NCPAP devices and all beds equipped Infusion pump and syringe pump, resuscitation kit, phototherapy, central monitor with temperature monitor, capnograph, oxygen and suction central examination and handset.

اThis department has a large number of Radiant Warmer, Incubator, Cutter, Radiant Heater, Intensive Phototherapy, Boiler, Blood Warmer, Oxygen Blender, ECG, Electroconvulsive, Milk, Glucometer, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Ultrasound Laryngoscope, Laryngoscope is. There is also a free lounge area for mothers with all amenities. Due to the high sensitivity of parents to peripheral veins in neonates, the use of PICC line rather than the usual intravenous line can help reduce parental stress. This makes it one of the most advanced neonatal intensive care units. This complex is ready to accommodate premature or critically ill infants with respiratory and cardiac problems using the finest medical equipment and modern equipment at all hours of the day.