Patient Rights Charter

1.Getting the right healthcare is the right patient

These services should be as respectful, honest, fair, prompt, and non-discriminatory as possible. Specific patient conditions (deaf, deaf, foreign language, etc.) should be based on current knowledge, patient interests, facilities, and conditions, free from pain and suffering. , Along with providing grounds for transfer to other appropriate centers.

2. Information should be given to the patient in a desirable and sufficient way Information includes:

· Potential costs
· Covered insurance
The name and responsibilities of the members of the treatment staff
The provisions of the Patient Rights Charter
· Weaknesses, strengths, and possible side effects of treatment and explanation of alternative therapies
How to get to the doctor
• Necessary training in disease
· Pictures of the information recorded in the file

3. The patient’s right to freely choose and make decisions must be respected

The patient has the following options:
· Applying for a physician appointment and doing so if possible
· Selecting a second physician as a consultant for the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services Center
· Participate in research
· Accept or reject the proposed treatment after knowledge other than emergency cases at the discretion of the physician
· Adequate time for decision making and selection, in the absence of risk

4. The principle of confidentiality and respect for patient privacy

The patient’s privacy must be respected and facilities provided. Only the patient, the medical team, and authorized legal persons have access to patient information.
Accompanied by a trustee at the diagnostic stage is the patient’s right unless it is contrary to medical necessity.

5. Access to an efficient system for dealing with patient complaints is a right

The patient has the right to complain to the competent authorities if he / she claims that his / her rights have been violated, and to inform the competent authorities of the outcome of his or her complaints and to inform him / her in the following manner.