is committed to providing excellent

health care to meet the evolving

community needs around us.

Pars Hospital

Your needs, our priorities

At Pars Hospital, the individual needs of patients and

their families are our top priority.

Pars Hospital is doing its best to improve the

health of your children by creating the right

environment and specialist doctors.

Children's health

Our extensive suite of modern medical services continuously

improves the health of the community around us all under

a safe, standard and appropriate environment.

unique design


Winning at one of the world’s leading design festivals in the United States represents one of the most unique features of Pars Rasht Hospital, an extremely up-to-date design with the aim of creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for dear patients as well as having Keeping pace with Gilan’s climate and conditions has definitely made Pars Hospital one of the best hospitals in the region …





Dr. Saeedeh Sadri’s study at the University of Tübingen, Germany, about six years ago, comparing the health status of his country of residence with that of the Iranian health system, increasingly improving the general condition of Iranian hospitals and hoping to improve the health status of Iran. Ideals and beliefs always develop in his mind and he believed that he should eventually be able to establish a similar center in his native land until …



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Call for Cooperation

Call for Cooperation

According to Pars Hospital Public Relations, the hospital invites accreditation partners to work in the Office of Quality Improvement, a health care management expert and a well-known nursing. ...

Celebrate World Patient Safety Day

Celebrate World Patient Safety Day

According to the WHO Public Relations Department, injury to patients as a result of adverse events is one of the leading causes of death or disability worldwide, according to the WHO. Adverse events ...

The contract was signed with the Armed Forces Insurance

The contract was signed with the Armed Forces Insurance

Pars Hospital Public Relations According to Armed Forces Health Insurance Agreement, Patients Covered by Armed Forces Insurance on 1st October at Pars Hospital ...

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