Emergency room

The Emergency Complex is located on the ground floor of the hospital with approximately 846 m of infrastructure. The unique features of this complex include separate units for triage room, CPR room, outpatient room, plaster room, doctor’s room, nursing station, patient units, isolated room and staff rest rooms, and a dedicated patient transport elevator. To the operating room and special sections. Another prominent feature of the complex is its close proximity to imaging units and laboratories, which enable access to patient information as soon as possible and speed up decision-making about patient status. This section includes skilled emergency physicians, motivated and skilled nurses, and interested in working and trained to assist patients, all with the goal of providing the best conditions and facilities, the best treatment and the best outcome for patients.

اRooms in this complex include:
Trial Room: Equipped with portable monitoring devices, ECG, suction, central oxygen capsule and more.
CPR Room: Includes two CPR beds and is equipped with ventilator, electroconvulsive, central and portable monitoring, oxygen capsules, suction, infusion pump, nebulizer, pulse oximeter, medication tray and life-saving patient equipment. .is .
Sector: Contains 10 units with monitoring and one isolated unit, central oxygen, central suction. The equipment also includes ECG devices, oxygen capsule suction, electroshock, infusion pump, suction, trawl, equipped with medications and life-saving equipment for patients and so on.
This complex with all these facilities and equipment ready to receive outpatient, hospitalization (whether neurology, cardiopulmonary, internal, surgery, admission patients need special care and … using the best medical staff and the most modern equipment) .