Hospital form


In General Hospital Design Unlike many buildings that the designer handles in open form, many functions must be considered in the original design or concept of the project architecture. In general, the project idea should focus on the key parts of the project (hospitalization, operating room, intensive care, emergency, diagnostic departments, parturition …) and the relationships between them, but it does not mean that hospital architecture can It should be designed dry and purely functional, but one step ahead of other public buildings should focus all of its attention on the correct placement of functions alongside the creation of beautiful form. As studies have generally pointed out, a hospital is not a place for the patient but a place for relief from illness. As a result, according to many studies in the field, such as form, light, interior design … and in general to create a harmonious space consisting of all architectural components from the inside out, one has to be in harmony with the context. Functional dry design (with full consideration). In the design of Pars Rasht Hospital, the initial idea of ​​the project according to the project site and the view of the surrounding area and the type of building that is a specialized and specialized hospital ، It has been designed and designed in its original design to create a beautiful form along with the responsiveness of all the functions the project designers would want. It has also been seen using the atrium, which creates an empty space inside the hospital that will create harmony and integration between the spaces, and this light and open space creates mental comfort for patients and their companions. Will. Another point in the design of the hospital has been to build trust among the patient’s companions so that if faced with a modern and modern building, which is certainly the first visual indication of hospital attendance, it will provide a reassurance in the minds of hospital attendants that they will be treated.