Design Features

  • Ease of access and referral of staff to patients
    Separate communication path to connect with surgical suite
    Use the open pattern to integrate visibility into space
    Separation of outpatient and critically ill patients
  • Separate from treatment areas according to fire codes
    Communication with therapeutic spaces by bridge
    Direct connection of the sterile section with the operating room section
    Consider the dock behind the building and access to the hospital loop for services and services
  • Central atrium design to achieve integrated space
    Use the glass overview and vids to create animation in interior design
    Ground floor access
  • Entry and exit personnel from the client
    Focus all support facilities at the center
    Nursing Station Visibility to All Patients
    Use side view corridor
    Proximity of ICU and CCU open heart to POST CCU and cardiac hospital ward
    Ability to use the shared box in the heart and POST CCUs
  • Establishing non-therapeutic sections of therapy
    Possibility to use the dining room for congressional days and public meetings
    Vertical connections from the parking lot to the office, dining room, meeting room
  • Using the focusing pattern of operating rooms to use sterile support spaces and shared equipment
    Use clean corridor around to provide natural light and home
    Using an in-patient elevator to transport patients to intensive care or transfer patients from the emergency department
    Observe sterile, semi-sterile and non-sterile spaces
    Independent relationship with the sterilization department
  • Post-coat independence from angiography while adjacent
    Focus support facility at the center
    Observe the patient’s movement cycle from admission to discharge
    Angio ward near open heart surgery in an emergency
  • Operating room and cesarean section in the delivery section to accelerate and comply with the latest world standards
    Maternity and recovery room separation (There are 2 accepted patterns in this regard).
    Gynecological hospitalization in the vicinity of maternity ward and IVF to facilitate hospital affairs
    Neonatal ward and NICU adjacent to maternity ward and maternity hospital to reduce dispersal of related wards
  • Possibility of light and landscape in all rooms (double bed)
    Controlled by the Nursing Station at the center
    Vertical Communication Independence (Physicians; Personnel; Visitors; Patients; Clean & Dirty)
    Similar facilities overlap (room type)
    Variety of hospital rooms such as one board; two boards; suite; isolation
  • Entry and Exit Independent
    Separate parking spaces
    Warehouses available and unloading and loading
    Vertical Communications (Personnel 4 times …)