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List of Services Available in the Hospital:

Row No. Services Department Treatment/Surgery Physician / Collaborator Physicians Expenses
1 Urology * TUL/PCNL
* Adrenal Laparoscopy, Piloplasty, Nephrectomy Operations.
* Radical Nephrectomy, Radical Prostatectomy Surgery.
* Endoscopic and Laparoscopic
* Urology General Surgery Operation.
Physicians of Urology and Endrology Department  
2 Neurology * Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors
* Neck & Waist Discs and Discopathy
* Vascular Malformations and Vascular Aneurysm.
Physicians of Neurosurgery Department  
3 General Surgery * Laparoscopy
* Thyroid Surgery Operation
* Oncology
* Laparoscopic Morbidobestity
* Breast Cancer
* Endometriosis Colectomy
Physicians of General Surgery Department  
4 Orthopedics * Complete Exchange of Knee, Shoulder and Hip Joints.
* Correction of Bone Deviations – Genorarum Genualgs.
* Arthroplasty of Knee, Hip and Shoulder.
* Arthroplasty of Athletic Defects and Cruciate Ligament.
* Ankle Surgery
* Treatment of Defects raised from Fractures, Malunion Nonunion.
* Osteotomy
Physicians of Orthopedics Department  
5 Obstetrics and Gynecology * Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment Assisted Reproduction (IVF)(ICSI).
* Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries for all Gynecologic Disease Specially for Endometriosis, Myoma, Oncology.
* Different Procedures using Laser for Female Pelvic Relaxation and Vaginal Artophy.
Physicians of Obstetrics and Infertility Department  
6 Ophthalmology * Cataract (Fico) Surgery Operation
* Tear Duct Infections
* Reticulum
Physicians of Ophthalmology Department  
7 ENT Cosmetic and Mastoidectomy and Job Nose  Physicians of Ophthalmology Department  
8 Jaw and Face Congenital Malformation Correction such as Cleft Palate Physicians of Jaw and Face Department  
9 Digestion Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP Physicians of Digestion Department  
10 Cardiovascular 10 Cardiovascular  * Open and Closed Cardio-surgery, Heart Valve Surgery Operation, Congenital
* Angiography and Angioplasty
* Peace-maker Embedding and Cardio-electrophysiological Procedures.
Echography, Exercise Test and Monitoring Holter of Rhythm and Blood Pressure.