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Pars Hospital

Welcome to Pars  Hospital website. This website is designed to provide information about full spectrum of hospital services, specialities and facilities helping patient recovery. Wishing you good health and long life.
Pars General Hospital

International Patients Affairs (Health Tourism)

Introducing the Hospital
History: Pars Hospital was officially opened and put into operation with the objective of submitting of health services. This private center having General, Specialty and Sub-specialty Wards, Clinical and Para-clinical Diagnosis Units, in addition to applying the modern and update equipment of the Medical World, and through employing the famous and skillful physicians and treatment-hospital personnel, have been accepted as an efficient and ideal remedial center by local and foreign patients.

Among the facilities and features allocated to our Hospital, we can mention equipment of air emergency that due to possibility of submission of relief services in crisis, disasters and road accidents may provide high quality services (accordance with the world standards) for patients. This equipment has been provided with the objective of promotion of services’ quality presentable to the patients.

One of the qualitative indicators of our Complex, has been the structural space thereof consisting of spaces design on the basis of the World Standards in remedial environments through paying attention to the standards required for field, light, indoor design and construction of spaces coordinated by observing the architectural principles and considering the safety features in innovative basis and in accordance with the pertinent standards.