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Architecture & Design

In the Autumn of 2007, New wave Architecture‘s proposal was selected among others and delegated as designer of the project.
The project is trying to not only present responds to physical planning requirement and client‘s demands, but also approach to a unify form and leaves effective influence on this region of the city.Composing several blocks in three different height built on the basis of concrete structure features a comprehensive medical infrastructure. Moreover, being integrated via a transitive atrium that pervades and provides natural light accessibility in different departments, while porches create a subtle and interactive visual communication between inside and surrounding environment. We attempted to configure a new illustration of hospitals in minds and change the regular mentality of hospital in Iran.
The various departments including; laboratories, accident and emergency(A&E),acute care services, obstetrics and gynecology theater& IVF ,ICU,CCU, specialized clinics, pediatric &E.N.T wards, operating theater, Heli- pad and etc. constitute a modern and well-equipped hospital.
Consequently, high speed of modern movement and progressive medical sciences and equipment, accentuate the fundamental role of extension scheme in hospitals design. In this project it is considered to be located in the north, west of the site.
White Travertine stone and glass as the main material are applied in combination of wooden texture panels on the exterior walls as a sort of emblematic of vernacular architecture in Guilan .interior surfaces of departments will be covered by anti-bacterial homogeneous floor-covering, exclusively designed for health care facilities.

Consequently, Pars Hospital has been selected as the “Winner” in the World Architecture Festival (WAF 2017) (is named as Architectural Oscar) on Nov. 17, 2017; additionally, Pars Hospital succeeded to win the “Gold Symbol” of the American Architecture Society on Oct. 20, 2017.