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Operation Rooms

General Operation Rooms:
This hospital totally has 8 operation rooms in the 3rd floor, having possibility for implementation of types of open and closed surgeries. All surgery operations such as thorax (chest), neurosurgery, orthopedics, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), ophthalmology, obstetrics, kidney and urinary tract, plastic and restorative surgery, pediatrics and others, can be fulfilled. Operation rooms hold required and modern equipment such as types of specialized microscopes, the best surgery tools and equipment. The operation rooms complex of the Hospital has preparation space for patients before operation, recovery, physicians rest room, residing physician room and so on.
Cardio-surgery Rooms:
The Hospital has two specialized cardio surgery rooms for fulfillment of cardio-surgery operation. One of the sole specifications of the Hospital is that locating of all cardio-remedial wards are in the second floor to provide immediate and safe transfer of the patients to surgery room and ICU-OH ward thereafter, in the case of emergency conditions. Design and connection of the inter-ward spaces are in such a way that the patients are easily transferred to ICU after cardio-surgery along with the surgery and anesthesia team through a direct and short direction.
Angiography Ward (Cath. Lab.) and Cardio EPS:
Pars Hospital through employing the elite professors and physicians and applying the most advanced equipment, presentsthe most complete and best diagnosis and remedial procedures for cardiovascular patients.
The patients are transferred to Post-Cath. or CCU (based on the attending physician diagnosis), after fulfillment of diagnosis and remedial procedures in Cath. Lab., and are controlled.
Major Services available in Angiography Ward:
- Central and environmental vascular angiography and angioplasty.
- Carotid and retrial arteries.
- Closing the ventricular-atrial wall defects.
- Treatment of descending aortic aneurysm through embedding of stent graft.
- Mitral Valve and Pulmonary Artery Valve Platelet.
- Embedding of types of single-hole, bi-hole and three-hole pre-makers, perpetual ICD and CRT.
- Embedding of temporary peace-maker.
- Emergency angioplasty in acute heart attacks.