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Locating of Wards and Units in the Pars Hospital Floors

Locating of Wards and Units in the Pars Hospital Floors:
7 General Surgery Department 7
6 Cardiology and Internal Medicine Department 6
5 Internal Medicine Department 5
4 General Surgery Department 4, ICU, Oncology and Hematology Ward
3  OB, General Surgery Department 3,Operation Rooms
2 Angiography, Post-angiography, Cardiology operation Rooms, CCU I, CCU II,  ICU-OH, Post-ICU.
1 Gynecology and Midwifery Ward, Obstetrics and Andrology Surgery Room, Neonatal Ward, NICU, Pediatrics Ward, Restaurant, Prayer Room, Conference Hall, Administrational and Financial Units.
G(Ground-floor) Admission, Emergency Ward, Poly-clinic, Imaging Center, Medical Laboratory and Pathology Ward, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Echography and Exercise Test, Endoscopy and ERCP, Pre-surgery Preparation, Dialysis, Discharge and Cash Desk, Coffee Shop.