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General Hospitalization Wards

Internal Medicine Ward:
Internal Medicine Ward of Pars Hospital is located in the 5th and 6th floors. The patients who needs care and health monitoring with internal and chronic diseases, hospitalization oldness problems, treatment and care services, are under supervision of skillful physicians and nurses of this ward in a safe and standard environment.
Surgery Ward:
Pars Hospital has three surgery wards located in the 3rd, 4th and 7th floors. In the obstetrics surgery ward located in the 3rd floor, care and health promotion services are given to the patients of obstetrics surgery, post-cesarean cares and other services are presented and for this regard, structure of the ward is in the basis of single-bed, two-bed and isolated rooms, for the best status of the patients.
In the Surgery Wards 4 and 7, patients ready for other surgeries (except to obstetrics surgery) are hospitalized. The patients ready for surgery, refer to this ward and are transferred to operation room after fulfillment of the preliminaries regarded, and return back to the same ward for being under care and treatment procedures up to the discharge time, on the basis of the attending physician’s order.

Pediatrics Ward:
This ward is located in the 1st floor, beside the Neonatal and NICU wards. Design of this ward is in such a way that children feel happy and using childish plans and happy colors in hallways and walls, fear and anxiety feelings caused by situating in a remedial space will be decreased and provide enjoy for them. Meanwhile, a separate space has been provided for playing with safe materials and toys, through presence of a watch nurse that the children may use the possibility for playing and living in a childish space during all hours of a day.
Giving health and care services in this ward is for one-month to 15-year children, and the above-mentioned target group with internal diseases and pediatrics surgeries and so on, may be hospitalized in this ward and receive specialty services under supervision of pediatricians and other physicians and experiences nurses.
Obstetrics and Gynecology Ward:
This ward is located in the first floor and adjacent to the neonatal ward; NICU and IVF. One of the sole specifications of the obstetric ward of Pars Hospital is that this ward is equipped by two LDR Rooms for giving services to pregnant mothers, as from commencement of birth pain up to delivery and discharge from the hospital. Additionally, there is a triage ward with a great saloon in entrance part, in order to control the patients, and separate rooms for being under supervision of the high-risk mothers, for giving services in critical and emergency conditions, in addition to a surgery room.
Obstetric Ward and Services presentable therein:
1. Examination and triage provided for pregnant mothers and patients who refer to obstetrics ward of the hospital up to 44 days after delivery.
2. Saloon and space equipped and safe for controlling the patients.
3. LDR rooms with the possibility for fulfillment of physiologic and painless deliveries.
4. Hospitalization and care rooms with complete facilities for Eclampsia and Pre-eclampsia mothers.
5. Delivery room equipped for physiologic and painless deliveries.
6. Embryo health monitoring consisting of embryo ECG and embryo cardio monitoring.
7. Pregnancy health monitoring consisting of tachometry and Amnisure Test.
8. Availability to attendance of an experiences and specialized midwife for specific cares before delivery, during delivery procedure and thereafter (Attendant Midwife Plan).
9. Submitting training services during pregnancy including making familiar with and making ready for natural delivery, exercises during pregnancy, pregnancy duration nutrition, individual health; psychological consultation and training services and post-delivery follow up consisting of newborn cares, breast milk nutrition and so on.
Chemotherapy Ward:
Chemotherapy ward of the Hospital in 6 units, experienced personnel and proficient physicians is located in the 4th floor of the Hospital and gives services required for hospitalized patients who need chemotherapy in order to complete their remedial procedure.