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Diagnosis Wards

Laboratory and Pathology:
This unit through operating the update facilities and equipments and employing the named and proficient professors fulfill all outpatient and hospitalization tests 24 hours a day. Wards of this unit are as follows: Immunoassay, hormonology, biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, molecular, pathological and cytological tests, blood bank that gives required services to the hospital in all 24 hours of a day.
Imaging Center:
Imaging Center of the Hospital is one of the best equipped centers of the Province in the viewpoint of equipment, human resource and physicians, and services available therein are presented to the hospitalized patients and outpatients in the ultimately accurate and in the shortest possible time. One of the specialized services of this center that is sole in the Province and adjacent provinces, is fulfillment of Cardio CT-ANGIO for patients that is conducted through cooperation of a capable team of physicians of cardio and imaging physicians.
Among the other specialized facilities and approaches of this Ward, we can mention:
- MRI.
- Siemens 16-Slice CT-Scan.
- Medical Ultrasound (Diagnostic Sonography).
- Mammography.
- Bone Densitometry.